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How to download online video to mp4?

  • STEP 1: copy video page URL address into clipboard.
  • STEP 2: open Very.Ninja, paste URL into search box, hit GO.
  • STEP 3: use Big Red button to download online video.
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    Online video downloader. Free & unlimited.

    Very.Ninja is adept at many things, but best of all it can download videos and movies from Youtube. What is Youtube? Why, it's the next thing made by Facebook people. And if you have a link to Youtube page with a movie, TV show or some amateur video your friend shared, - you can download that video from Youtube in mp4 format. As easy as that. We have multiple download proxies, but due to large-file nature of videos, we only ask (and impose that suggestion) that you download them 1 at a time (but - as many as you want, thus unlimited). We don't ask nothing in return, we are just TV enthusiasts, hence it's all free.

    Fast unlimited downloads has tons of awesome videos, and you can have it all, preferably one by one, downloaded to your device for offline watching.

    Download complete movies

    Youtube has lots of free movies. Save long 1-2-3hr movies to your device to stop the popups and watch them in peace later offline, at work.

    Download weekly TV shows

    Many people out there upload weekly TV shows on Youtube. If you have access to those - you can download them all HD to your laptop to watch.

    Secure access with https

    We have https enabled, that helps hide the trail of your visit here, so the Big TV or ISP will not know where you are and what you doing here.

    Save Online videos as mp4 & mp3 files.

    Why would someone want to save video from Youtube (or Facebook for that matter) to their device as mp4 file? There are many reasons, let's begin with the one that nothing is in stone and this video can disappear tomorrow. Then there's the awesome thing of no popups, no need to watch in browser, don't have to be online to watch the video.. More? Can watch if offline at your convenience, can share it with friend via bluetooth, can upload it somewhere else, can do many other things with it.. So yeah, it is very useful to download mp4 from Youtube to avoid the annoying sidecar of nasty sauce that comes with every dish there...

    Use bookmarklet-shortcut for faster downloads

    Drag and drop this button below to your bookmarks, and then use it when watching some video that's hosted on Youtube or Facebook. It will quickly send a signal to our ninjas to prepare for your arrival, so we'll have the link ready when page loads up. Simply makes process go faster. Ninjas don't like to waste time or bandwidth..

    Download mp4

    In case you really like our site and want to be the very (best) ninja you can be, - this button will help you move fast and use shadows to stay off the radar... Try it out.. Drag and drop to your bookmarks section.